360° AVM System

Intelligent 360° AVM system based on FPGA

  • Hardware accelerated fisheye distortion correction

  • Deep learning computer vision

  • FPGA neural network optimization

  • Vehicle-level chip

Intelligent AVM system

  • SD/HD

  • 2D/3D display

  • Around View Monitoring

  • Obstacle detection

  • Blind Spot Detection

  • Lane Departure Warning

  • In-vehicle adaptive blind zone adjustment

  • Moving object detection

Close proximity detection around the body

Through deep learning computer vision technology, the system can detect and identify various types of targets,

including pedestrians, vehicles, low obstacles, and foreign objects in front of the road, so that owners can quickly

and accurately know the surrounding environment of the vehicle and ensure driving safety in all direction !

  • Low obstacle recognition

    Road teeth, fire hydrants, isolation columns, parking spaces, etc.

  • Foreign object identification in front road

    Depressions, puddles, protrusions, etc.

  • Moving target detection

    Pedestrians, strollers, etc.

Medium and long distance ADAS fusion function

Combined with fisheye distortion correction technology , The system supports the integration of ADAS functions on the vehicle-level FPGA platform, including LDW, BSD, etc., to make car driving smarter and safer!